Lifestyle September 21, 2023

Open Houses and Open Doors

My buddy Izzy came to visit! When asked to describe her visit in three words she chose, “Oasis, adventure, reunion (or exciting). Whichever word works better for you”. It was a little wordier than I would have liked for my first use of an outside quote but we’ll work on it. Jokes aside, I had the best time having her here! We went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, discovered local drag queen bingo, and ate a little cake for her 21st birthday.

I guess thought that I was going to become some sort of yoga or running fanatic when I stopped playing water polo in college, but it is really tempting to just do anything else but exercise instead. It is harder than I thought it would be to transition from a scheduled daily workout with friends to solo training on your own time. I’m currently trying to train my mind that it is actually something required to do every day because even if it’s at a very low-intensity level, I feel a lot better afterward.

An exciting update from a person moving to a new area, I made a new friend! I remembered someone I knew from UCLA who lived near San Jose and reached out. We hadn’t hung out one-on-one in the past but I went for it anyway. It turned out we actually have a lot in common and I’m so excited that I made those plans! Just goes to show you don’t always have to overthink it.

As far as Real Estate goes, I have really enjoyed hosting Open Houses. I have used it as an excuse to bake cookies and brownies but would you believe that people hardly go for them? Either no one has close to the same level of sweet tooth as me or it’s because I keep forgetting to bring napkins. I have loved connecting with buyers and learning so many people’s stories and what they’re looking for in a home. I have to keep myself from getting too eager to talk to everyone popping in. Not everyone is teeming with excitement to talk to a stranger on a Sunday afternoon. The good news though is that I end up connecting with people who are as excited as I am about finding them their dream home!

I’ll leave you with a fun update about Miller, he’s working on building his first table (I’ll remember to post the finished product in the next blog). I’ve never been more eager to put an end table in a living room so I hope he builds it fast! So far we got all the materials at Home Depot and learned that he probably should borrow his dad’s table saw. Otherwise, he will have just one jacked right forearm. He’s been working so hard both at his new job at Traveler’s Surf Shop and at Pacific Appraisers, keep it up!!

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